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Draganflyer X8 Applications

Draganflyer X8 Applications

Industrial applications for the Draganflyer X8 Helicopter include: Real Estate, Entertainment, Construction, Structural Inspection, Security, News Media, Professional and Amateur Sport, Resource Exploration, Environmental Assessment, Geological Research, Agriculture and Hydrology.

Construction Project Management

Building ConstructionLarge projects such as bridges, roadways and pipelines require hundreds of workers to complete. Construction workers, foremen, managers and engineers have to all work in unison to complete large projects on time and under budget, and getting an accurate picture of the construction site can be difficult with large projects. Enter the Draganflyer X8 – a portable, industry grade UAV for aerial surveillance.

Using the Draganflyer X8 UAV, you can quickly and easily get aerial pictures and video of your construction project. The electric powered, 8 rotor helicopter can be unpacked and flown by one person in a matter of minutes, and efficiently obtain high quality pictures and video to show you the status of your project. With the pictures and video the Draganflyer X8 provides, you can get an accurate understanding of your projects overall progress and identify problems ahead of time. You can also show the pictures and videos to clients and shareholders, keeping them informed of the projects progress and estimated time of completion.

The Draganflyer X8 features a massive 800 gram (1.7 lb) payload capacity that allows it to carry the highest quality cameras for your operation. It also features the same advanced autopilot found on our smaller helicopters, allowing a single person with minimal flight experience get the pictures and video that you need. The autopilot and flight computer can lock the Draganflyer X8 in position; holding heading and altitude while you focus on getting the pictures that you need. The Draganflyer X8 comes with a video base station that shows you exactly what the helicopter is seeing at all times, this allows you to aim the camera using the remote tilt and zoom and get exactly the pictures that you want.

Construction projects are always getting larger and more ambitious. The Draganflyer X8 can keep up with the massive influx of information construction project managers and engineers face every day to ensure your project's success.

Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction Industrial construction projects build the facilities needed to make everyday life possible for society. Industrial construction projects can include, but are not limited to:

Although Industrial construction projects make up a relatively small percentage of the total construction work being done in North America; they are some of the most complex projects to manage. Industrial construction projects require the constant interaction of employees from many different disciplines, including engineers, managers and construction workers. With all the free variables a large industrial project creates, getting an up to date and accurate picture of the projects progress can be extremely difficult.

The Draganflyer X8 solves this problem by flying above the project and capturing aerial pictures and video. Industrial construction projects are usually owned and managed by large corporations, so showing shareholders and managers a complete aerial picture of the construction site can be beneficial to your project. Using the Draganflyer X8 UAV, you can carry the best quality cameras available for aerial surveillance above the construction project and obtain high resolution aerial pictures and video for presentation.

Do not leave shareholders and corporate management in doubt – with the Draganflyer X8, you can give them an aerial picture of your entire project.

Pipeline / Hydro-Transmission Line Inspection

Pipeline / Hydro-Transmission Line InspectionThousands of miles of power, water, natural gas and other utility lines run across North America. Modern society depends on these utilities for everyday activities, and interruptions can have very serious consequences. Because of this, inspections of remote utility lines are carried out regularly. North America is geographically diverse and remote lines can often be in hazardous or extremely rugged terrain and locations. The Draganflyer X8 UAV allows you to fly above potentially damaged utility lines and get crystal clear pictures and video for inspection.

The entire Draganflyer X8 UAV and all its support equipment fit neatly inside the included, specially designed military grade transport case. The case is watertight and foam padded so it can be transported by almost any means to anywhere in the world. The Draganflyer X8 UAV can be flown and controlled by one or two pilots with relatively minimal flight experience. One person can control the camera tilt, zoom and shutter while the other focuses on flying the Draganflyer X8 to the inspection location. After landing, pictures and video can be saved to laptops or other devices for analysis. Engineers can also view live video streamed from the helicopter for quick inspections.

Modern civilization depends on the prompt and reliable delivery of essential utilities. Your agency can help ensure this using the Draganflyer X8 UAV for real time inspections of critical utilities.

Road and Highway Maintenance

Road ConstructionEconomics and society depend heavily on efficient and well maintained roads. Trucks transport over 70 percent of goods in the United States alone, including food, consumer products, medical supplies and other necessities for everyday life. The Draganflyer X8 UAV can help your project keep this steady flow of goods and services moving, by assisting with road inspections.

Roads degrade with time, and require constant maintenance to keep moving. The Draganflyer X8 UAV can obtain high quality aerial pictures and video of road surfaces, so that engineers, construction workers, and project managers can get an accurate picture of road condition. Surface defects such as pot holes, cracks and abrasions can be easily seen with a high resolution aerial picture, allowing your team to take corrective action before the road has to be torn up and replaced.

Flying the Draganflyer X8 UAV is extremely simple. An advanced autopilot and flight computer take care of all the most difficult aspects of flying for you, allowing new pilots to learn how to fly the UAV in a matter of hours. A working range of approximately 500 meters and a maximum altitude of higher than you will want to get for your project allow you to get the pictures and video you need for your project easily and economically.

The Draganflyer X8 UAV and all its support equipment fit neatly in the included military grade watertight case. You can transport the Draganflyer X8 out to location and have it ready to fly in a matter of minutes, with very minimal training and personnel.

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