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Draganflyer X8

Draganflyer X8 Eight Rotor UAV Helicopter Photography & Aerial Video Platform

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Draganflyer X8 Overview

What is the Draganflyer X8?

Rendering of Draganflyer X8 The Draganflyer X8 helicopter is a miniature aircraft for commercial/industrial aerial video and photography. The unique design utilizes eight main horizontal rotor blades and allows the Draganflyer X8 helicopter to hover efficiently and maneuver rapidly using differential thrust. Eight efficient, electric motors allow the Draganflyer X8 to carry heavier and more advanced payloads while providing more safety features than ever before.

Increased Payload Capability

Utilizing eight main horizontal rotor blades driven by eight powerfull efficient brushless electric motors the Draganflyer X8 has the largest payload capability of all the Draganflyer versions.

This allows the Draganflyer X8 to carry a select variety of digital cameras and various 1080p video cameras.

Compact Foldable Frame

Folded Draganflyer X8

The Draganflyer X8 is built with a rugged folding carbon fiber frame. When collapsed the folding frame becomes extremely compact for portability. The Draganflyer X8 can be transported as normal baggage providing for easy transport. When folded the Draganflyer X8 fits securely in its back-packable case.

Durable and Safe

Offering more safety features than ever before the Draganflyer X8 is a durable and reliable aerial video and photography platform. Even if an in-flight collision causes one of the motors to stop working the Draganflyer X8 helicopter will still be able to fly using the remaining seven motors.

Computerized Control

X8 Transmitter in hands

To achieve stability the Draganflyer X8 uses an onboard processor running custom-designed Draganfly software and receiving data from eleven onboard sensors (three gyros, three accelerometers, three magnetometers, one barometric sensor, and one GPS receiver). The Draganflyer X8 is easily piloted by users with minimal training.

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