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Draganflyer X4-P Tech Specs

X4-P Technical Overview

Draganflyer X4

Aircraft Dimensions

Draganflyer X4

The patented unique folding frame means the helicopter can be easily transported and ready to fly in a short period of time. Packing into even tighter spaces the landing gear and payload are easily removed so incredibly it's only 16cm (6.25") wide when folded. Learn more

Ready to Fly Dimensions

  • Width: 87cm (34.25in)
  • Length: 87cm (34.25in)
  • Top diameter: 107cm (42in)
  • Height: 30cm (12in)

Weight & Payload

Draganflyer X4p

Flying weight including the flight battery, gyro stabilized camera mount and the SONY RX100 camera is an amazing light weight of only 5 pounds.
Draganfly has gone to great lengths to design and manufacture a strong, light weight solution, that delivers amazing results for aerial videography and high resolution stills.

To see the latest camera line-up please take a look at X4-P Cameras


Draganflyer X6

High quality custom made components are used throughout the aircraft. For example custom flared carbon fiber booms and motor pods are molded as one piece creating not only an attractive, but incredibly strong airframe. Carbon fiber landing gear, carbon fiber props are custom engineered and molded to exacting specifications to control weight, performance and overall quality of the aircraft. Learn more


Flight Characteristics

Draganflyer X8 Wireframe

The X4-P is a technically sophisticated line-of-sight semi-autonomus aircraft featuring auto take-off and Spring Centered Throttle (SCT). All software and hardware systems are designed and produced by Draganfly. Learn more now about DraganView and the Handheld Controller.

Flight Modes

  • Auto take-off
  • Altitude Hold mode
  • GPS Position Hold

Draganflyer Guardian
Draganflyer X4-P
Draganflyer X4-ES
Draganflyer Commander
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