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Draganflyer X4 Overview

What is the Draganflyer X4?

X4 The Draganflyer X4 is an affordable, reliable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that's been designed to carry wireless video and still cameras. Radio control let's you pilot the UAV remotely, and an advanced autopilot helps you fly. Using a unique quad rotor design, carried over from our previous Draganflyers, gives the UAV flight stability and control, while an advanced circuit board gives it the brains needed to get the job done. Draganflyer X4 Tech Specs


Draganflyer X4 Camera Specifications

The Draganflyer X4 accepts multiple camera modules, so you can choose which ones suit your needs.

Choose the camera that is best for you:

How can you use it?

Play Video Use the high end video and still cameras to obtain stunning aerial pictures and videos. The X4 can be used for almost any project, be it security, supervision, reconnaissance, or even property assessment. Draganflyer X4 Applications

Easy to Use and Fly

The Draganflyer X4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle uses 7 flight sensors to self stabilize itself during flight. Gyros, Accelerometers, and a Barometric Pressure Sensor all work together with an advanced flight computer to let you concentrate on getting the best aerial pictures and video possible.


The small, battery powered Dragaflyer X4 gets you the same great aerial pictures that renting a plane can, but at a fraction of the cost. Avoid the hassle and expense of using a full size aircraft for projects that can be accomplished easily and economically with our Draganflyer X4 UAV.

Grant Assistance

The Department of Homeland Security makes grants available to states, local and tribal jurisdictions, and other regional authorities to assist in planning, equipment purchase, training, and exercise needs. Draganfly Innovations will provide grant writing support, consultation, and assistance to qualified agencies.

  • Contact Kevin, our grant assistance specialist,
    Call 1-800-979-9794 or 306-955-9907 (ext. 6111)


The Draganflyer X4 UAV is built on a high strength carbon fiber frame. Impact resistant, the airframe can withstand minor crashes without damage. The Carbon fiber rotor blades are replaceable, and come firmly attached to 4 direct driven brushless motors. Replacement parts are available for almost every part that can break, and the landing gear can be removed and repaired easily. Draganflyer X4's Damage Tolerance and Durability

Quad Rotor Flight Stability

A quad rotor design provides extremely favorable flight characteristics. Each pair of rotor blades spin in opposite directions, there by canceling out any torque (rotation caused by the spinning rotor blades momentum), keeping the helicopter flying straight and true. Not only does this make the helicopter easier to fly, counter rotating propellers increase efficiency and flight times.