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Aerial Video and Photography

How do you get professional quality aerial video and pictures in remote, hazardous, or urban areas where full size aircraft are not practical? The Draganfly (DF) Tango, a new, easy to operate unmanned aerial vehicle could be the perfect answer.

The Draganfly Tango is the most recent airplane released by Draganfly Innovations Inc. The DF Tango is designed as an effective solution for hard to get aerial images. This fully customizable aircraft comes as a complete turn key package that can be safely operated by one person.

A complete DF Tango package comprises of:

All of these components are stored and transported in sturdy, military grade cases.

Tandem Wings

The unique tandem wing design of the Draganfly Tango not only looks impressive but greatly adds to the performance of the vehicle. By using a patented tandem wing configuration the DF Tango is able to perform exceptionally well at low speeds and has very mild stall characteristics. Rather than violently spinning like a conventional plane, if the DF Tango is stalled the nose will gently drop and the plane will "self correct" once it has gained enough airspeed.

Only 3 Minutes to Launch

Launching the plane is a simple task as it is done with an included bungee launching system which can be assembled in about 3 minutes.

Automatic Flight Leveling System

Although the DF Tango has exceptional roll and yaw stability in winds and turbulence, it has also been equipped with a flight leveling system similar to the thermal intelligence used on the Draganflyer V Ti. This feature consists of four thermal sensors and some intricate circuitry that can tell the difference between the ground and the sky. If the plane starts heading towards the ground it will automatically regain level flight to prevent a possible crash.

Camera Packages

The optional camera package comes pre-installed in the aircraft and in a hardshell case for storage and transportation.

The standard wireless video base station includes:

There is also a deluxe base station available. this upgrade includes everything in the standard base station plus a 5 inch monitor and digital video recorder installed on a panel mount.

Easy to Assemble

In addition to being easy to fly the Tango is also very easy to assemble as there is no building required and all components are factory installed. DF Tango airframes are hand made from composite materials using traditional construction methods. Thanks to the use of rare earth magnets to secure the components of the modular airframe you can get the DF Tango flight ready in less than 5 minutes.

Fully Customizable

For aerial photography everyone will require a different setup of components so rather than have only one fully loaded package, the DF Tango is fully customizable and can be ordered with a number of different components. The aircraft starts as a basic ready to fly out of the box aircraft with a digital still camera, radio system and thermal sensors to aid with flight stability. As your requirements get more complex the DF Tango can be loaded with additional equipment to fulfill your needs. You can add or remove components so you only pay for the equipment that you need.

The possibilities are nearly endless, whether you need an easy plane to fly for close range photography or a fully autonomous system able to fly up to 60 miles to take pictures and video of a specific target the Tango is up to the task.


The Tango Aircraft is not available at this time.


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