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The new Wireless IP Video Camera Systems for Draganflyer X6 and Draganflyer X8 UAV Helicopters

Draganfly Innovations Inc. has recently launched several IP video camera systems for Draganflyer UAV RC helicopters. Instead of sending analog signals over a 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz radio, the new IP video camera systems transmit video digitally over a network using the 802.11n wireless protocol. This means that the video is not limited to resolutions supported by analog formats (such as NTSC or PAL) and can transmit megapixel resolution video over the internet. Video can be viewed and saved using the DraganView software.

Because the IP cameras use a digital protocol, they can buffer (temporarily store) video in their internal memory before it is streamed to the base station. This allows the cameras to take both uninterrupted video and still pictures at the same time. Using this feature is intuitive and simple: fly the Draganflyer X6 or Draganflyer X8 UAV over the location you need pictures and video of, and take as many still pictures as needed while the video is still recording. The ability to take simultaneous pictures and video makes the Draganfly IP camera systems perfect for police and law enforcement needing both pictures and video for evidence, because the video stream can be used to aim the camera and be recorded at the same time.

Digital video has a much higher signal to noise ratio than analog video because it is more resistant to random noise and interference. This means that you get a higher quality video stream than is possible with any analog camera sent live to your computer running the DraganView software. If you are flying the helicopter at maximum range, the image quality received will still remain constant (although the frame rate may decrease). This is because the IP cameras transmit individual frames over a digital protocol.

The IP video cameras operate over the 802.11n wireless protocol, so the connection between the camera access point and the wireless receiving station can be encrypted. This prevents unauthorized access to the video stream if your project is security critical, such as gathering evidence for law enforcement or military surveillance.

Using the Draganfly wireless IP camera video systems you can rebroadcast video to almost anywhere in the world over the internet. If you have a 3-G enabled cellphone or cellular modem that supports tethering, you can even broadcast to the internet from remote locations. This is perfect for applications that require real time video to be streamed from a remote operation back to a central location. Pictures and live video can be transmitted live over huge distances using this method, even across continents. Network response times typically create a delay in the video stream of less than one second.

Besides offering two color IP video cameras, customers can also use conventional analog cameras with the Draganfly analog to digital converter. The analog to digital converter works by taking the output from an analog camera (such as the FLIR infrared or low light models) and converting the signal to a digital one, streamed over the 802.11n protocol. The analog to digital converter gives you all the benefits of IP cameras with your analog camera, except for taking simultaneous pictures and video (because analog cameras lack a memory buffer).

IP video cameras and the analog to digital converter will be available for both the Draganflyer X6 and Draganflyer X8 UAV helicopters. Do you want to learn more about the IP camera systems? We have technical information on our website.

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