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Evidence Gathered by Draganflyer Police UAV VTOL Helicopter for Accident Investigation

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – The Saskatoon Police Service working with Draganfly Innovations Inc. used the Draganflyer X6 Police UAV VTOL RC Helicopter to aid in evidence gathering for a car accident in urban Saskatoon.

The Draganflyer X6 camera system on the police UAV RC Helicopter is operated by a sworn member of the Saskatoon Police Service while it is flown by an employee of Draganfly Innovations Inc. The police officer tells the pilot where to fly the aircraft and while viewing what the camera sees. This allows the police officer to control the camera and take pictures when he or she wishes. These pictures are recorded in raw and jpeg format and will be used later by the police officers to analyze the scene and present information in court.

The Draganflyer X6 UAV RC Helicopter was used to take aerial photos of the scene of this urban traffic accident. The aerial of photos of this accident will be used by the Saskatoon Police to provide clear evidence for use in their investigation of this traffic accident.

Draganfly Innovations operating under approval of Transport Canada is able to provide assistance to police agencies with Draganflyer UAV helicopters day or night with in a 250 km radius of the city of Saskatoon in rural or urban environments. This 250 km range covers 10 of the 15 cities in Saskatchewan.

The Ontario Provincial Police (Kenora and Thunder Bay) operating under transport Canada approval is able to operate Draganflyer UAV helicopters in the province of Ontario. The Draganflyer X6 represents the first federally approved, commercially produced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by an emergency service in North America.

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