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How do I buy a Draganflyer X6 or Draganfly Tango?

The Draganflyer X6 and Draganfly Tango are not available for purchase online. To purchase our industrial products, submit an online quote request.

How do I add a product to My Cart?

To add products to your Cart you need to find a product you like and click the "Add to Cart" button.

How do I change the quantity of items in My Cart?

To change the quantity of items in your Cart you need to first click on the My Cart link to get to your Cart page. Next to each product will be a quantity box that displays the number of each item in your cart as well as an "Update" button. Change the quantity displayed to the number you desire of that product then click the "Update" button for that product.

How do I delete/remove items in My Cart?

To change the quantity of items in your Cart you need to first click on the My Cart link to get to your Cart page. To remove a product from your Cart click the "Remove" link belonging to that product.

How do I shop here and purchase the products I want?

All our products are listed in specific categories. You can use the top navbar to locate the category you wish or use the navigation links on the left side of most pages. The left navigation is not displayed on the My Cart page or Checkout pages. Once you find a product you would like to purchase, click the "Add to Cart" button and it will be added to your shopping Cart. Keep adding products to your Cart until you have all the products you desire then click the "Checkout" link near the shopping cart icon on all the pages or click the "My Cart" link and view all the products in your Cart. On the My Cart page there is a "Proceed to Checkout" button as well as the "Checkout" link. Click either the button or the link to begin the checkout process. All the Checkout steps are secure pages that are encrypted between our Web server and your computer so they are safe. The first Checkout step involves you providing Shipping and Billing information. The second Checkout step involves you choosing your Shipping and Payment methods. The third Checkout step involves you providing your payment information and paying for your order. Once you have paid you will receive an order thank you page with a summery of your order. You can print that page for your records.

There is no "Checkout" link displaying now. How do I checkout?

Once you have at least 1 product in your Cart there will also be a "Proceed to Checkout" button on your My Cart page right under where it says SubTotal. A Checkout link will also appear on all screens by the top right shopping cart icon.

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