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Draganflyer X4-P Four Rotor UAV Helicopter Photography & Aerial Video Platform
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At Draganfly Innovations we work hard every day designing, developing, and building unique and innovative products that crawl, fly, and squiggle across the ground. For example our award winning helicopter products are flying in all parts of the world and we enjoy the largest approved, public safety installed customer base in North America. If you like to amaze yourself and others, it's time to consider working for Draganfly Innovations.

Everyone on the team plays a vital role in our success and the success of our customers. It doesn't matter if you're working on our administrative team, shipping and receiving, technical design team, WEBdesign, manufacturing, flight training, or with cutting edge technology deep inside our research and development team... everyone is key to our success.

Our products and services are really cool but even better... our customers are amazing. Our products are being used to help save lives, conduct research, make movies, and shoot incredible aerial photos not just in North America but all over the world. At Draganfly Innovations, every day is an adventure, so if you're just graduating and starting a career or looking to start something new, please consider joining our team.

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Technical innovation

Rendering of Draganflyer X6 Yes, we're a technology company but don't let that discourage you because we're actually kind'a goofy, thinking outside the box, and creating some amazing products. We are innovators, working with the latest technology, always reaching for the next level, and our products are not only incredible but they're beautiful all at the same time. Sure, we could make a helicopter out of some sticks, motors, and velcro but not here. Our innovation and sculpted carbon fiber styling is a work-of-art.

Work with the best

Do you like being part of an exciting and energetic team? If you do then you really need to consider joining the great team at Draganfly Innovations and be part of the fun. Bottom line, you need to work really hard here but the work is great, it's a fun place to be, and you'll meet some really amazing people.

Health care

In addition to a comprehensive healthcare plan, Draganfly goes the extra mile to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle to support the needs of our employees and the people who matter most in their lives. We provide information sessions on health and well-being, discounts on products and services under the Wellness Partners Program, paid vacation days and statutory holidays, along with a matching dollar-for-dollar group RRSP.

Quality of life

Anyone that designs and builds flying things understands balance. And for a good quality of life, we all need to balance work and family while juggling a million things at the same time. We get it, we understand it, we live it, and do everything we can to ensure a good quality of life for everyone on the team. And why? Because it's people and passion that make a difference and set us apart from the rest.

Our Customers

Our work is interesting but our customers are even more incredible. Our products attract creative, passionate people, that really want to make a difference in this world. Not only are they pushing the edge of technology but their needs push us too. And wow, if that doesn't make it exciting to start each day, answer that phone call, or read their e-mail, I don't know what does. It's our customers that bring value to our work, and it's our gadgets that soar through the air or scoot along the ground that helps make that next discovery, or possibly save another life.

If you like working with people, if you like a challenge, if you like making a difference, you need to consider applying for a position with the amazing team at Draganfly Innovations. Don't wait until tomorrow, do it right now.

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